• Image of Millcreek Cacao
  • Image of Millcreek Cacao

The owners of Millcreek Cacao Roasters, Dana Brewster and Mark DelVecchio, have a mission... to bring happiness and health to their customers by crafting exquisite farm to chocolate experiences. Each chocolate bar contains Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional 70% cacao that adds a complex balance of flavors such as fruit, floral and caramel.

"Indulge your senses. Never too sweet, never too bitter."

Explore this Asian-inspired pairing infused with exotic, spicy, and fragrant tones. Sparked with crystallized ginger, delight your taste buds with this vibrant and unique chocolate flavor. Lured in by the tantalizing accents of spice, you can't help but take another bite of this beautifully aromatic pairing.

Pure Cacao:
Fruit and caramel warm undertones lure you into a luxuriously smooth, rich finish. Our signature bar, the Ecuadorian Pure Arriba Nacional 70% cacao bar is a multi-faceted experience. The natural occuring flavors of this hierloom cacao are the focus of this delightful dark chocolate.

Locally roasted espresso beans are a bold and robust wake up call for the spirit. A carefully selected blend of locally roasted beans by our sister company, Millcreek Coffee Roasters, this dark chocolate bar creates an exciting convergence of two bold ingredients. Grown on volcanic soil, we invite you to experience two natural bean flavors that were destined to dance on your palette.

Orange Peel:
Bright and citrusy, this classic chocolate combination is sure to delight the senses. Orange and chocolate are one of Dana's favorite flavor combinations. The rich and refreshing flavors of this tropical dark chocolate bar, invigorates the senses with a zesty fruit pairing of natural orange peels.

Himalayan Pink Salt:
World's purest sea salt intensifies and prepares the palette for fine cacao flavors. Sweet and salty, opposites attract. In the contrasting flavors of this dark chocolate bar, the uniquely forming crystals of the Himalayan salt add a slight crunch to the already multi-faceted experience.

Hole Mole:
Intrigue the senses with a traditional blend of chile peppers and other natural spices. Traditionally, mole recipes are highly regarded and passed down through generations. Derived from Mexican heritage, this proprietary blend of spices adds fire to the natural essence of our chocolate. The fiery chile flavor and cocoa butter blend perfectly to soothe the heat. Hints of chipotle, cayenne and other seasonings make this dark chocolate bar a spicy lovers dream.

// Net Wt. 50 grams
// Vegan and gluten free
// Responsibly grown & direct trade
// Located in the heart of Salt Lake City